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Your sponsorship will make the difference in the life of a child.

Sponsor a child today! Rescue a child from the grips of AIDS and poverty.

Child sponsorship starts with having a desire to help kids in need affected by extreme poverty and disease around the world. The rest is up to you.

Jesus Christ is the Answer Ministries has over 12 children registered in our Sponsorship program serving locations in Burundi.

You may financially support a child or children from one of these countries for $50.00 a month. Your monthly sponsorship goes to the direct support of your child.

Child Sponsors will receive a photograph of their child along with a profile that will give more information about that child. Some of that information may include the community or village where they live, grade, health or hobbies of that child.

Along with your financial support, you will have the opportunity to establish communication with their sponsored child through letters and family photographs.

Sponsors may also have an option to send their child to Boarding School for an additional fee. It provides them with full room & board, three meals a day, tuition & a uniform.

There is no other greater feeling than to actually meet your sponsored child in person. We take at least one international trip a year to the country where your orphan lives.


Sponsorship is the most direct and efficient way to help children in distress around the world and give them a future.

When you become a child sponsor, you help this child to grow up in the warmth and security of a family, to receive an education or to learn a trade and thereby prepare them for an independent life. All for only $50 a month.(For Primary school going orphans)

Your Sponsorship will help to provide things like:

› Clothes

› Food and Nourishment

› Health Care

› Education and Life Skills

› An opportunity to live in a safe environment full of tolerance, love and respect

As a sponsor you will be given the unique opportunity to develop a relationship with

your child who will know your name, read your emails, write to you and they will be touched knowing that you truly care.

As a sponsor you will receive your child's photo, personal story.

Be an Instrument of Hope!

Your donation directly benefits the support of your child.


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